I really don't like "About Me" pages on websites. Usually they end up feeling like self-inflated, ego-driven propaganda. But you want to know something about me, so let me try and do that without sounding like I like myself too much.


I'm a nature and commercial photographer who shoots everything from burgers to blacksmiths, mountains to motorcycles.


I often describe myself as a generalist behind the camera, which means I’ve got the ability and experience to comfortably execute a wide range of assignment work. I'm proficient with off-camera lighting, and have a style that's dramatic, vibrant, textured, and rustic.


I combine a strong attention to detail with a caring sensitivity that puts people at ease. This enables my shoots to be both productive and fun. You can trust me with your project, knowing that I'll represent you and your business well. You tell me what you need and when you need it and I'll work my butt off for you.


I’ve been happily married to my wife LaCresha for 22 years, and our 21 year old son Nathan is currently in college preparing for a career in the music industry.


Thanks for visiting. I hope we can work together soon!



HHH Enterprises
Eternal Threads
Abilene Christian University
Hardin-Simmons University


Past President, West Texas Photographic Society (2013-2016)

“Post-Processing Using Lightroom 5,” (Fotowork Studios, Abilene, TX) - April 18, 2015

“An Introduction to Digital Photography” (Abilene Public Library, Abilene, TX) - recurring program, 2013-2016